Fabsemi Electronics India Private Limited
was started mainly for the following reasons

  • To provide very high quality street lights to customers all over India and abroad. Our group of companies include Usha Electronics Systems, which is among the top providers of street lights to the government sector in the State of Kerala.

  • To provide printed circuit board assembly services to wide range of customers from several industries in India and abroad.

  • To build a world renowned brand which adheres to business processes and work flow based on international standards.

Quality is the hallmark of whatever we do. We started off as a small scale provider of street lights to the government sector in the state of Kerala. Now, we are among the top suppliers of street lights to various sectors in Kerala and beyond. We have our own manufacturing and assembling centers, which ensures that we have a grip on the quality of each and every product that comes out of our manufacturing centers.

Best Perfomance

Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly services offers highly competitive rates to clients including original equipment manufacturers who wish to outsource parts of their work to us. Our operations are so structured as to protect the customers’ design copyrights.

Our manufacturing units

We have robust internal processes which are controlled with SAP@ Business One on HANA@ platform. Our manufacturing operations are strategically located in the business friendly city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Key differentiators

- Quality -

Fabsemi does not compromise on quality of our work and we do not use low quality components or raw materials to save money.

- IP Protections -

All of our clients enjoy guaranteed protection of their internal technologies and processes.